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Conditions of Use

Who can purchase Lee's Line Products:
Lee's Line products are sold exclusively to retail store owners, active dealers who sell at miniature shows, Independent Internet/Website owners and Ebay "Store" owners or power sellers.

Wholesale Pricing:
To see our wholesale prices and place orders, you will need to set up an online Customer Account and complete an Application. You will be asked to establish a log in name (your email address) and to select your own password.

To set up your account, there is a two step process. Start by clicking on Log In in the upper left corner. Step 1 will ask you to provide us with general business account information. In Step 2 you will be asked to fill out an APPLICATION form and send it to us for review. If you chose, you can apply for a Net-30 account by providing references on the form. Once your Application has been reviewed and approved your account will be established and we will send you a Welcome notification email telling you your account has been activated. At this point you can start shopping.

Placing Orders:

  • WEBSITE: You can place orders directly from our website, through our shopping cart.
  • FAX/MAIL: You can print out a hard copy of your order and Fax (425) 898-4481 or mail it to Lee's Line, 16825 48th Ave W, Suite 358, Lynnwood, WA 98037.
  • EMAIL: You can send us an email with your order to minis@leesminis.com or leesminis@msn.com
  • TELEPHONE: You can call us at (425) 821-1599 and place your order over the telephone.

Limited Editions:
Some items will be available in limited quantities and may be noted as LIMITED EDITION on the product description. These items will generally be upholstered furniture, comforter sets or pillows. Once they are SOLD OUT they will not be available again.

Website Retailers:
If you are a website-only customer, we recommend that you carry a minimum amount of Lee's Line stock (amount to be determined by your own selling experience) at your location. This ensures that you have stock on hand when you receive an order. This is important because, although we try to offer our products as long as possible, the fabrics we use are often limited and/or discontinued. Also, we find that on occasion retailers may not update our OUT OF STOCK items on their website before they receive an order from their customer. See Out of Stock Items below.

Drop Shipping:
Lee s Line is strictly a wholesale manufacturer of miniature furniture and we only sell to approved retailers. At this time we do not routinely offer Drop Shipping services. However, if requested, we will Drop Ship on a case by case bais directly to your customer for a fee of $5.00.

Out of Stock Items/Back Orders:
Our goal is to ensure that we have enough product on hand to meet the needs of our customers. However, on occasion items will sell out. The product description will list it as OUT OF STOCK.

If your order contains items that are out of stock and you would like us to automatically ship them to you when they are back in stock, please let us know by email, fax or a call. You can also make a note of this on the comments section at the bottom of your online order. We will place those items on BACK ORDER for you. Otherwise, you will need to reorder the items.

Minimum Orders:
Your first product order with Lee's Line must total $150 or over. There are no minimums on future orders.

Payment Methods:
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discovery, PayPal and checks or money orders. International orders can be paid by PayPal or credit card or by bank wire transfer if requested.

Terms of Sale:
Payment is due at the time the order is shipped. If payment is made by credit card, we will not charge your card until the order is ready to ship out. Paypal orders will be shipped when the payment is received. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks

Extended Payment Terms:
Lee's Line offers approved customers with the following extended payment terms: Payment is due within 30 days of the date of the invoice. A 2% service charge per month will be charged to any customer whose account balance is not paid within the 30 day window. To apply for a Net-30 account, please provide the requested information on the Application form. We will review it and notify you when it has been approved. Please note that you will need to pay by credit card, PayPal or check/money order for your first 3 orders. Once your Application for terms has been approved, we will notify you by email and convert your account to Net-30.

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